in the Medical Practice
for Children and Adolescents
Am Dornbusch
with Dr. Tina Templin

Specialist in

Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine,
Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychology,


Dear parents,

please make sure to call us at
069-560 16 10 
to make an appointment.

For smooth and with shorter waiting times associated treat, it is important to make an appointment, so we can plan better.
Please order prescriptions, referrals and other exhibitions always a day in advance. This helps us to plan for you and others and reduced patient waiting times.
We are also an emergency clinic, where emergencies are treated on the same day.
We can not guarantee that you will always be treated very punctual.
We ask for your understanding, when it reaches the treatment still may be a wait.
We have several treatment rooms and it can not always be treated according to the series, but according to the disease.

Please always explain the complete reason for the appointment and tell us the exact number of children that you will be bringing with you for examination.

Please feel free to inform us if you have any
further questions or wishes.


Your medical office team